Friday, June 14, 2013

New Retextures/Edits for Cazy 97 & Nightcrawler 01

Imma make this a quick post since much of cc used here is the same as before, except her pants by the awesome Aikea Guinea, heres a link:
you may have to scroll down some though. 

On to business...

1. Cazy 97 Helena
  I liked this hair but like always i need length for my simmies. I'm not sure but I might make another variation    
  later. If you like it please download :3.

     Package                                                            Sims3pack

2.Nightcrawler 01( I made two versions)
 A. V1
This hair was quite inspiring to retexture for lol. I widened it just a itty bit and added to the alpha. I spent most of my time making the stripes for the control, but it was worth it imo.

Links to Download:

    Package                                                                Sims3pack

B. V2
This version has a cheetah pattern which was definitely quicker to make.

Links to Download:  

     Package                                                                Sims3pack

Lemme know if any links aren't working
Enjoy :)