Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Pretty Girl Pose Pack

Okay I won't consider this my first pose pack but it is the first one I've made available, I didn't want to use any sims that I hold too dear, so I've been trying to think of how I'm going to show case my poses, well I've been playing Dissidia ff(both) and I like Final Fantasy so why not use some FF characters, for my first model, I made my own Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VII (All rights go to Square Enix)
(Not for DL, don't ask, make ur own XD). for those wondering, I got the outfit and hair from the sims 3 wiki links.
Pfotis made the clothes and shoes, here's links:
Pfotis's corner:

The hair is by JulieAlesha who I'll give credit and I DL'd it a few days ago and now the mediafire link is gone, so weird.... but I'll leave a link anyway :P:

I'd like to thank Cmomoney for making the wonderful poseplayer,Simprov for the pose tutorials, and Cloudwalker for the poselist tutorial. 

Okay on to the goodies, please feel free to ask questions :)
Piccy's : The poses are kinda for a beach setting so I put her in a tootinni

link to the bikini by Modish Kitten:

If you know how, don't modify these poses or any of my works, I worked too hard on them and it's disrespectful :/
Link back to my blog please

if there are any other poses of the same name, just take that out and put mine in for your play session, then switch back if need be

Friday, January 11, 2013

LowRise BellBottom Jeans By Yours Truly

A long long time ago, when I was downloading sims from the exchange, one of them came with a pair of bellbottom jeans. That was around the time when it was quite dangerous for anyone to update their games cause in my attempt to fix my game I lost everything, my sims, my custom content, I had to reinstall and redo everything. I got most of my main cc back but I couldn't remember the sim I got the bellbottoms from, soooo... I made my own mesh and it comes in the three basegame textures for jeans. The rar files will have both the package and sims 3 pack files, only 3.28 MB a pop XD. If you have any problems or suggestions feel free to leave a comment, Thanks for visited My blog, much love, much love.

This is the plain one

This one has the subtle rippings

and this one has the deeper rips

Out of the goodness of my heart and because nobody loves me T_T I'm removing the Ad-fly link.