Sunday, March 24, 2013

Standing Slumber Poses And Cazy Artificial Love retexture + edit

Im going to take a rain check with the FF sims since I don't sufficiently have all the pieces I need(Most are for sims 2 only :/) Though I made Terra and I just made Lightning but I used a sim from somebody else cause she just looked like her anyway, but I still made some changes. I just don't have the proper hair cause then she'd be perfect but whatever I'll use my other crap. I'm done blabbering now :x. On to this post...

This hair retexture and pose pack were for personal use but I decided to share something since i'm not going to be uploading the other retextures till a lot later (i'm very sorry T_T) but like I said i'll get to it when I'm not totally stressed out. So, to this stuff then..

First, All Thank you's and CC Credits go to(Drum Role).......
Cazy for the Original Hair 
Lorandia for the outfit:
MrAntonieddu(Ma$ims) for boots:
Skin by S-club(One of the three, probably C):
Choker by S-club:
Contacts by Tifa:
Accessory Lashes By Sintklia:
The rest: If you made these than Thankyou XD
Aaaannnnd....Cmomoney for the poseplayer

Second, heres the Poses: Don't pay the names much mind (personal use xD) nor the model neither, she's just some vampire I made    
(1 upclose)
(4 upclose)

All my poses are poselist compatible and the rars come with a note with the codes but here they are anyway like my first pack post:


Third, the Hair:

 Note: All my retextures are made to focus on widening the spectrum of light to dark hairs because platinum haired sims should exist too XD!!!

The texture or diffuse is a simple edit of Asari's but I kept the original control. For my version I moved the mesh up a bit because I noticed that along with Cazy's other hairs,she makes them so they fit her kind of sims, so this one should fit more for higher and low sim faces, but you have to test that yourself  because I don't always keep the originals I do retextures for in my game. Though you can have her version and mine simultaneously.
Here's two pics with the back views: (Yeaah umm... I don't do control pics, anyway, I said that's still the same..
Stuff on this Model: 
Tie By Irinka :
Eyelashes by S-Club Set 1:
Lipstick By Angissi:
The rest of it: If you made these than thankyou XD 
Top is by EA
(This hair was originally going to be included with the other set but it just sticks out to me :/, and I even made a reverse of the hair but the ends of it are crinkled idkw, its a shame but I'll keep it nonpublic unless somebody really doesn't care and wants it anyway)

My policies in terms of both items are still the same, check the pop out side bar that opens to WARNING!!! 
(it comes with the downloads as well)


(I don't put Poop-Fly links for stuff like this)

I hope you like these items and I'm always looking for some feedback

Thx For Visiting My Blog 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Just a Preview

Look I made some re-textures: (Post Updated) If you happen to stumble upon this blog then know this:
 I won't be able to deal with making these available until the weekend, if even that, but eventually I will.

Irida's Hair with Bow
This is the first one I made
Sky 87(Reversed and I tried to make the hump bigger, It's a little crinkled but I still like it) 

Sky 89 (added width and lengthened)
      still working on the back I may to have start over on the mesh due to clipping issues
B-Fly 68(simple retexture and lightened)
  I personally like the back of the hairs pattern ;). Sorry for the crappy pictures though, but it's late and I just felt like posting this stuff now because I have atleast 2-3 more I'm doing and refixing XD!!

I'm looking for some feedback(not to harsh now), so if anybody likes these I'll post them for DL :). 
note: Iridas Bow Bob, Sky 87, and B-Fly 68 are done, Sky 89 is still a wip.

Before I post them as available I'll try to take some better pics with other hair colors that show the textures better AND... For those of you who are anti ad-fly and don't want to support my cause for a better life XD(even though it's not helping like I wanted lol) I'll only do it for poses because I work very hard on them and try to make them as intricate as possible down to every part even the bones in the fingers(DA CRAP TAKES HOURS TO GET RIGHT). So in all the hairs will be free :).