Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Just a Preview

Look I made some re-textures: (Post Updated) If you happen to stumble upon this blog then know this:
 I won't be able to deal with making these available until the weekend, if even that, but eventually I will.

Irida's Hair with Bow
This is the first one I made
Sky 87(Reversed and I tried to make the hump bigger, It's a little crinkled but I still like it) 

Sky 89 (added width and lengthened)
      still working on the back I may to have start over on the mesh due to clipping issues
B-Fly 68(simple retexture and lightened)
  I personally like the back of the hairs pattern ;). Sorry for the crappy pictures though, but it's late and I just felt like posting this stuff now because I have atleast 2-3 more I'm doing and refixing XD!!

I'm looking for some feedback(not to harsh now), so if anybody likes these I'll post them for DL :). 
note: Iridas Bow Bob, Sky 87, and B-Fly 68 are done, Sky 89 is still a wip.

Before I post them as available I'll try to take some better pics with other hair colors that show the textures better AND... For those of you who are anti ad-fly and don't want to support my cause for a better life XD(even though it's not helping like I wanted lol) I'll only do it for poses because I work very hard on them and try to make them as intricate as possible down to every part even the bones in the fingers(DA CRAP TAKES HOURS TO GET RIGHT). So in all the hairs will be free :).

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